Belt Conveyor Idlers

Taper Roller Bearing Idlers

Link-Belt® tapered bearing idler rolls are perfectly suited for continuous material handling operations moving massive volumes of tough, abrasive materials such as coal, iron ore, and rock products. Boasting load ratings that exceed CEMA requirements, this rugged line is available in CEMA D, E, and F series models. Each roller is equipped with a solid carbon steel shaft for minimum deflection under load, resulting in increased service life.

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Ball Bearing Idlers

Link-Belt® belt conveyor idlers and components set the standard of excellence for bulk material handling throughout the world. We offer a full line of ball bearing idler products that meet or exceed CEMA B, C, D, and E specifications. Our ball bearing idlers feature advanced bearing technology for less rolling resistance than competing designs. Efficient bearing placement minimizes shaft deflection and extends bearing life. Moreover, the bearings are sealed for life, resulting in maintenance-free service. The new bearing technology also helps to ensure quality control in the manufacturing process and to extend roll life.

Link-Belt ball bearing idlers are radically different from competitive belt conveyor idlers because they incorporate an interference-fit pressed head design to maintain roll integrity. This head design eliminates welding and any of its associated problems (such as distortion, misalignment, or poor weld quality) and delivers very low total indicator runout (TIR) values compared to welded roll designs. Pressed heads, optimum bearing placement, accurate bearing alignment, and solid carbon steel shafting enable Link-Belt idler rolls to exceed CEMA load ratings.

Composite Idler Rolls

Link-Belt® composite idler rolls, with optional frame styles, combat roll degradation typically found in corrosive and abrasive environments. The longer lasting rolls reduce conveyor downtime and are field friendly for maintenance and installation personnel. The life of the rolls is significantly extended by a reduction in material buildup.

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Scale Quality Idlers

Link-Belt® scale idlers are used in conjunction with mechanical-type weighing devices. They are available in CEMA D and E series for 20°, 35°, or 45° troughing installations. To prevent load shift and obtain weighing accuracy, these idlers are fabricated to rigid belt scale manufacturer’s specifications:

  • Roll run-out does not exceed 0.015″ T.I.R.
  • Footstraps are within 0.015 of flat surface
  • Axis of rolls is +031″ from perpendicular through center of base
  • Backing dimension of center roll is + 0.000″- 0.125″
  • End bracket is perpendicular to base 90°+ 1°
  • Troughing angle is template checked

All rolls are factory lubricated and “sealed for life.”

Catenary Idlers

Link-Belt® series 40,000 and 70,000 catenary belt conveyor idlers combine the proven capabilities of the Link-Belt roll design with the benefits of a catenary suspension to form a smooth natural trough and ideal load conveying surface.

Series 40,000 and 70,000 catenary idlers are manufactured to withstand heavy impact at loading and transfer points as required by wide belts through 96” width. Superior performance and proven dependability are the result of rugged roll construction, exclusive labyrinth seal design, and high capacity “sealed for life” tapered roller bearings.

Catenary idler
truss frame idler

Truss Frame Idlers

The patented Link-Belt® truss frame idler for CEMA D load requirements is dimensionally interchangeable with all CEMA C/D series idlers and features a lightweight frame member that is fabricated from round bar stock to reduce the frame weight by 50%. An added benefit of this truss frame design is a 40% increase in load rating as compared to the conventional CEMA D inverted angle frame. The design of the frame, with rounded surfaces and the lowest roll gap available (0.25”), ensures against costly material spillage buildup around the idler that may impede production. The Link-Belt truss idler is available in a variety of materials: 304SS, 316SS, and carbon steel. This is especially critical in today’s markets for the handling of harsh chemicals, phosphate, salt, acids, and many other corrosive materials that tend to shorten the life of your equipment. For these caustic applications we complete the offering by placing the premium HDPE polyethylene rollers into the stainless-steel or carbon steel frames. The polyethylene rollers greatly extend the life of your belt conveyor equipment while reducing costly maintenance and downtime.

Whether your goal is to reduce equipment weight or to extend the life of equipment that is subjected to harsh material handling environment, the Link-Belt truss frame idler is your ultimate solution.

Extreme Service (ES) Idlers

The Link-Belt ES series idler rolls from Syntron Material Handling are specifically designed for extreme service in the harsh environment of oil sands extraction. Link-Belt ES series idlers feature a patented seal design that offers unique and superior benefits to competitor rolls.

The most advanced and innovative technologies have gone into the development of Link-Belt ES series idler rolls.

Extreme Service Idler

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