Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions

High-performing belt cleaners keep belts clean, eliminating carryback and making conveyor systems safer and more productive. We offer belt cleaners that work with all belt sizes and speeds, regardless of industry or type of material. We also offer belt cleaners that work in the most challenging and unique environments, such as on conveyor systems where there’s minimal space around the head pulley.

Our specialty belt cleaners include conveyor belt washing systems, belt brush cleaners, water cleaners and high-temperature cleaners, all engineered for challenging conditions and unusual materials.

Why Use A Belt Cleaner?

Keeping belts clean is more than just a matter of cleanliness. Installing high-quality Belt Cleaners substantially improves efficiency by providing the following benefits:

  • Increased profitability – Eliminating carryback reduces fugitive material and minimizes the cost of unnecessary cleanup and maintenance.
  • Less material loss – By scraping the belts clean at the head pulley, belt cleaners eliminate carryback and keep bulk materials moving in the right direction through transfer points or into containers.
  • Longer lasting conveyor equipment – Material that is carried back under the belt often ends up inside the conveyor system and can damage rollers and idlers while causing belts to wander and fray.
  • Lower energy costs – When material sticks to the belt beyond the head pulley, the added weight of the material stuck to the belt makes the equipment work harder so it uses more energy.
  • Safer work environment – When fugitive material accumulates under the belt, workers can easily slip and fall trying to walk through the mess. Plus, uncontained dust can cause health problems when inhaled and can ignite causing a deadly explosion.
  • Reduced dust problems – Fugitive dust is frequently a by-product of material that falls from under the belt on the return trip.
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    Primary Belt Cleaners

    Our Primary Belt Cleaners are engineered to clean bulk material from conveyor belts thoroughly and can accommodate belt widths up to 120 inches (3,000 mm) with belt speeds up to 2,000 fpm (10 m/s). Our products are manufactured with the highest-quality steel so they are durable and rugged.

    Our belt cleaners are also engineered to be easy to maintain, including the installation of new blades.

      Primary Belt Cleaners
      Secondary Belt Cleaners

      Secondary Belt Cleaners

      Secondary cleaners are installed at the point where the belt leaves the discharge pulley to remove any residual amounts of material that the primary cleaner left on the belt. Typically, a secondary cleaner is installed against a roller close enough to the primary cleaner that the material is returned to the main material stream. Additional secondary cleaners can be added for final cleaning.

      Like the primary belt cleaners, these products are highly durable and efficient. Plus, you can choose from models designed to work with high-speed belts of varying widths.

        Specialty Belt Cleaners

        Installed mainly as secondary belt cleaners, specialty belt cleaners include products engineered to perform under the most challenging conditions, such as extreme temperatures. Products are also available that perform with varying types of belts, including ribbed, flighted, grooved or chevron conveyor belts.

        specialty belt cleaners
        belt cleaner replacement blades

        Belt Cleaner Replacement Blades

        When you need replacement blades for your belt cleaners, why settle for anything less than the longest-lasting, most-effective blades in the industry?

        Martin Engineering is the only conveyor belt cleaner manufacturer to design and build a custom-engineered molding machine that features computer-controlled blending dedicated solely to producing high-performance, long-wearing urethane belt cleaner blades. After owning some of the industry’s most highly-regarded molding machines, company engineers designed and developed the proprietary manufacturing process to solve many of the problems inherent to off-the-shelf urethane molding systems. The system delivers precisely-mixed and precision-molded blades with unrivaled consistency, and the unique modular work station has been replicated in multiple Martin locations around the world, with a truly unmatched level of global quality control.

        The sophisticated computer control monitors pressure, power input, temperature, speed and other variables on a continuous basis. The operation can even be monitored and adjusted remotely via the Internet, allowing expert technicians to share data and diagnose issues from anywhere in the world. As a result, customers in any region can be assured of receiving belt cleaner blades meeting the industry’s highest quality standards.

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