Conveyor Belt Safety

Protect your workers from the potential hazards of working with conveyor systems.

We offer products that are the best in the business at keeping conveyor belts safe for workers, including products that protect workers from pinch and nip points, as well as burns and abrasions from contact with the belt. 

Additionally, we offer products that protect workers from injury caused by material spilling from conveyors moving overhead, as well as access doors that make maintenance and cleaning of areas inside the equipment safe.

Conveyor safety
idler aligner

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Inspection Doors

Inspection Doors are dust-tight and allow inspection and access in chutes and other enclosures for belt cleaner maintenance or other service requirements.



  • Latch handle folds down, so door stands only 2.25 inches (57 mm) high. With handle standing, door is 4.1 inches (104 mm) high.
  • Also available with integral guard screen
  • Suitable for service temperatures up to 400°F (204° C) continuous or 450° F (232° C) intermittent
  • Sturdy, dust-tight steel design
Conveyor safety
conveyor guard

Conveyor Guards

Conveyor Guards improve worker safety. The mesh panel guards conform to OSHA/MSHA standards and prevent worker exposure to conveyor nip points and pinch point hazards.


  • Mesh guards allow for inspection while keeping workers safely away from moving parts and pinch points.
  • Conforms to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.217 when installed with a minimum of 5.50 in. between guard opening and hazard.
  • Laser cut panels don’t present the opportunity for broken welds or sharp edges commonly seen with expanded metal guards.
  • Rugged 11 gauge steel provides greater strength, durability, and reliability than lighter-weight metals and plastic.
  • Wedge clamps allow panels to be removed and reinstalled quickly.
  • Modular design installs on supplied angle iron structure and does not need to attach to conveyor equipment.
  • Guards are available in several sizes and can be used in a variety of combinations to fit almost any application. Systems can be easily expanded or relocated as needed.
  • Single Wedge Clamp, Double Wedge Clamp or Wedge Bolt available

    IdleR Aligner

    An Idler Aligner provides a safe and effective method to manually fine tune self-adjusting idlers. The handle and comb allow for coarse adjustment, while slots allow for finer tuning.



    • Eliminates the need to tie off idlers to surrounding structure. Allows workers to safely and conveniently make manual adjustments to fine tune self-adjusting idlers from outside of the stringer.
    • Features a hole for padlock placement to restrict access
    • Slotted comb provides a range of incremental adjustment settings (plus or minus 7.5 degrees) to ensure reliable, consistent performance. Alternatively, positioning the handle above the locking bar allows the handle to float freely to provide course adjustment of plus or minus 2.5 degrees.
    • Installation is a one-man job, requiring no measuring, cutting or heavy lifting.
    • Aligner bracket mounts to most manufacturers’ self-adjusting idlers
    • Stainless steel construction also available
    idler aligner
    return roller guard

    Return Roller Guard

    A Return Roller Guard features quick release pins which allow access to the grease fittings within the return roller without the need to remove the guard. Has openings large enough for fines to fall through, but small enough to prohibit access to moving parts when the conveyor is running.



    • Bolts to stringer for easy installation. No bolts required for assembly.
    • Adjustable for odd size stringer
    • Fits all major roll manufactures sizes
    • Fits CEMA B, C, D & E
    • Offers Pinch Point Protection with no leading edges
    • Riveted pins allow guard to open quickly, safely for maintenance
    • Quick release pins allows access to return roller
    • Lightweight metal construction
    • Accessible from both sides and bottom

    Return Roller Basket

    A Return Roller Basket is designed to guard the return roller to improve plant safety and productivity. An economical way to improve safety and meet the growing demands of government regulations. Solid steel construction covers all major return roller manufacturers.



    • Easy to assemble; bolts to stringer
    • Adjustable for odd size stringer
    • Fits all major roll manufactures sizes
    • Fits CEMA A, B, C & D
    • Lightweight metal construction
    return roller basket

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