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Keep material where it should be with Corrosion Engineering conveyor sealing systems. These custom-engineered material containment systems can eliminate issues cause by material spillage and fugitive dust. 

Corrosion Engineering designs every product for maximum cost-effectiveness.  These products are known for achieving the best wear life available, using the highest performing raw materials and technologies coupled with indistry leading manufacturing and design expertise to allow you to achieve the highest abrasion and impact resistent characteristics.

Safety is a priority for Corrosion Engineering products, These products are designed and manufactured with safety in mind, though reduced noice levels; easier to handle/install products; not exposing steel edges; minimized spillage and dust for less cleanup; longer time before changeouts.

Ceramic Lining Systems

Extremely high-performance impact and wear resistant lining systems which feature the excellent wear resistant properties of high alumina ceramics combined with the superior energy-absorbing characteristics of rubber.

Ceramic Lining Systems by Corrosion Engineering
Rubber Lining Systems by Corrosion Engineering

Rubber Lining Systems

Engineered molder-rubber linings from Corrosion Engineering are manufacturered using superior high-tensile-strength, high-elongation proprietary rubber compounds to offer cost-effective, versatile components that provide high-performance corrosion, impact, and abraision resistance.

Mangetic Lining Systems

Requiring no bolts, and utilizing high-strength magnets bonder in a matrix of wear-resistant rubber, Magnetic Wear Liners offer an easy to install solution without the need for welding or drilling holes in equipment.

Magnetic Lining Systems by Corrosion Engineering
CorroClad by Corrosion Engineering

Industrial Protective Coatings

CorroClad is a family of environmentally friendly, wear-resistant coatings which are non-hazardous, non-toxic, easy to apply, economical, and fast curing. Ideal for applications with aggressive chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Inflatable Lining Systems

The buildup and plugging of material handling chutes can translate into an increase in periodic maintenance and costly downtime. Inflatable rubber lining systems eliminate the problems of material buildup and plugging of chutes.

Inflatable Lining Systems by Corrosion Engineering
Screening Media by Corrosion Engineering

Screening Media

New Technology developed by Corrosion Engineering now adds a totally new dimension to rubber screens, offering in addition to superior wear life and effective noise reduction, dramatically improved screening efficiencies.

Conveyor Components

Corrosion Engineering understand the importance of conveyor performance and safety. That’s why they design and manufacture premium conveyor sealing products that are extremely effective in containing materials and suppressing dust particulates.

Conveyor Components by Corrosion Engineering
Pipe products by Corrosion Engineering

Pipe Lining Systems

Utilizing leading wear technologies, Corrision Engineering is a leader in providing innovatively engineered wear-resistant piping systems to the mining and mineral processing industries, handling abrasive slurries and mine backfill.

Complete Engineered Systems

Corrosion Engineering has the in-house structural steel fabrication capabilities needed to custom-manufacture an array of material-handling systems.

Complete Engineered Systems by Corrosion Engineering

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