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Dry Fog

Dry fog technology uses air atomizing nozzles that produce water droplets 10 micron or less. These ultra-fine water droplets add less than 0.1 percent of moisture by weight and attach to like size dust particles and drop them back into the process.

DSI Dry Fog systems are designed and engineered to effectively reduce fugitive dust at material handling points.

Dry Fog Dust Suppression
Dry Fog Dust Suppression
Dry Fog Dust Suppression
DustTamer Windfence


Wind erosion causes an estimated 30% of storage pile dust emissions. Reducing wind speed equates to less dust.

The primary purpose of a wind fence is to reduce wind velocity moving towards the storage pile and prevent particle uptake in the protection zone. Particle movement can take place in three different ways: rolling, saltation, or suspension.

NESCO Water Spray

Sometimes it is desirable to wet process material through a direct application of water. DSI Water Spray Systems use a high-pressure pump and a variety of spray nozzles to add the right amount of water to your material. This type of system is used at locations from conveyor stack outs to storage piles, and in processes where slightly wetting the process material is not a problem. Some systems are equipped with modulating water regulators that are programmed to maintain the proper ratio of material process flow to water.

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