Heavy Duty Feeders

Electromagnetic Feeders

Syntron® heavy-duty electromagnetic feeders increase bulk handling productivity with controlled high feed rates that improve cost-per-ton handling efficiency. These versatile feeders are capable of handling a variety of materials from the finest powders to large, coarse particles. They are available in ten different models with capacities ranging from 25 to 1600 tons per hour, based on dry sand weighing 100 pounds per cubic foot. 

Syntron electromagnetic feeders require minimal maintenance, as there are no mechanical parts to wear out such as cams, eccentrics, belts, and bearings, thus eliminating the need for lubrication. All movement is confined to the heavy-duty leaf springs. Electrical components, such as the coil, will provide years of service under normal operating conditions. Dust-tight drive units are standard on all models.

Electro Magnetic Feeder
Electromechanical feeder

Electromechanical Feeders

Syntron® MF heavy-duty electromechanical feeders are the heavy-weights of bulk material handling and are used for higher capacity requirements. The eight heavy-duty models handle capacities from 100 to 4,000 tons per hour.

Syntron heavy-duty electromechanical feeders combine extra structural strength with durable components. The deep wing plates form a bridge between inlet and discharge suspension supports, providing extra strength for years of dependable service. Standard troughs feature unitized weldments—one-piece, completely welded units for greater strength. Troughs are also available with bolt-together construction for tunnel installations or other confined areas. MF heavy-duty electromechanical feeders are two-mass, spring-connected, and sub-resonant-tuned. The exciter unit is connected to the trough with corrosion resistant polymeric drive springs, which reduces the stroke vertically while amplifying stroke in the direction of material flow. This feature creates straight line motion providing maximum material flow rate and feeder capacity. Syntron feeders also utilize custom engineered electromechanical vibrators. These vibrators feature an L10 life expectancy averaging over 100,000 hours in normal operations and they allow for quick removal via access from both sides of the feeder or out the bottom. Attachments for safety cables are included on all Syntron feeders.

SyntroFlo Cone Crusher Feeders

The SyntroFlo cone crusher loading feeder by Syntron is a MF two-mass tuned direct drive vibratory feeder with an engineered discharge uniquely designed for equal distribution of product. The trough including the discharge is fully lined to account for wear. Like traditionally designed feeders, it is suspension mounted, which can be easily integrated into a trolley system allowing it to be moved out of the way for crusher maintenance. In side-by-side installations of a feeder-plus-rotary distributor versus a SyntroFlo cone crusher loading feeder directly feeding the crusher, the SyntroFlo unit delivered superior, cone-friendly performance. The uniform distribution provided by the SyntroFlo unit increased curser manganese life and yielded more cubicle-formed product.

SyntroFlo is available in three standard sizes for tertiary crusher applications: STF-3F, STF-4F, and STF-5F. In addition, we are developing the STF-3C, STF-4C, and STF-5C for secondary crushing applications. Both designs work with 300 HP, 400 HP, and 500 HP cones respectively. 

HD Feeder Controls

HD Feeder Controls

Controls for electromechanical feeders are VF Series (variable frequency VFD-type) and are optimized for efficient operation and allow for a full range of material flow with a 10:1 turn-down ratio. The VF Series controls are UL/CUL approved. In addition, a wide range of optional functions are available for specific control requirements:

  • Analog input
  • Digital communication
  • Onboard diagnostic capability

EVF series controls are optimized for efficient operation and allow for a full range of material flow with a 10:1 turn-down ratio on electromagnetic feeders. The newly designed EVF line of feeder controls operate with a single- or three-phase input providing half-wave (RC) output and are configured with custom firmware thus allowing for reduced power consumption. Additional features of the new EVF product offering include precise voltage regulation, expanded DC control signals and PC communication, and improved diagnostic capability.

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