Laser Alignment/ Conveyor Surveying

By keeping belts tracked correctly, you can keep material in the flow stream and eliminate runaway dust.

By tracking down even the smallest misalignment with advanced laser technology, you can optimize efficiency and reduce excessive equipment wear.

Because precise alignment is critical to the efficiency and performance of your conveyor system, when the equipment comes out of alignment, measurement tools have to be able to determine tolerances within fractions of inches. Even a tracking problem that’s only an eighth of an inch or smaller can cause excessive wear on the belt and other problems. Our professionals use the most advanced laser measurement technology to pinpoint problem areas in component alignment.

To accurately measure the alignment of stringers, pulleys, idlers and other components, our trained, experienced technicians use a laser that directs a beam of light up to 500 feet along the conveyor track, then measures variances against the beam and analyzes the alignment in three planes. Upon completion, the results of the assessment and any necessary corrections are outlined on a detailed report that is provided on site.

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