On-Going Maintenance

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your equipment is well maintained and always running efficiently.

With SCP on your side, you can be sure your equipment – including conveyors and air cannons – is always running perfectly.

The best way to make sure the equipment you use to move bulk materials is always running at optimal performance levels is to make sure the equipment is clean and well maintained at all times. And the best way to achieve that level of performance is to let our ongoing maintenance program do it for you. With this program, our experienced, professional technicians come out to your site and do a thorough inspection and assessment of your equipment at regular intervals.

The program is available in three service levels you can choose from, as well as customized plans for your specific needs. For example, once the inspection is complete, our technician can make necessary adjustments and clean components, then provide a report on the condition and performance of your equipment. While at the highest level of service, our technicians take full accountability for maintaining your equipment, replacing wear components if needed and making required upgrades, always striving to maximize performance and efficiency. This also gives you a level of cost certainty, making it easier to project and manage your budget.

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