Material Flow Control Solutions

flow problems

Problems in material flow can bring an operation’s efficiency and productivity to a halt.

Hang-ups in storage systems and accumulations in process vessels choke material flow while bottlenecks create costly reductions in equipment and process performance.

Poor material flow raises maintenance expenses and drags profits down.

If any of these problems look familiar, a flow solution such as air cannons or industrial vibrators may be the solution you need.

Industrial Vibrators

For many years, the necessity to store material in bulk has created a problem – how to get it out of the storage vessel. Typical problems include bridging, ratholing, clinging and arching. Once a pluggage exists, it becomes necessary to remove it in order to continue with production. One of the first things an operator will do is try to dislodge it in some manner. Historically, techniques such as water and air lances, silo cleanout equipment, shot gun blasts and even dynamite have been used to eliminate material blockage. The most common means of material removal over the years is the use of a sledgehammer.

Industrial Viibrators
industrial vibrators
Air Cannon Flow Solution
Air Cannons

Air Cannon Flow Aids

We are dedicated to helping you boost profits by keeping your product flowing with as little unscheduled downtime as possible. Our air cannons release timed bursts of compressed air that break up accumulations and bottlenecks in process vessels without damaging your equipment. We also offer innovative nozzles that can be removed easily from the outside for cleaning or replacement without having to remove the entire air cannon, as well as high-quality valve assemblies and electronic controls.


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