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We are dedicated to helping you boost profits by keeping your product flowing with as little unscheduled downtime as possible. Our air cannons release timed bursts of compressed air that break up accumulations and bottlenecks in process vessels without damaging your equipment. We also offer innovative nozzles that can be removed easily from the outside for cleaning or replacement without having to remove the entire air cannon, as well as high-quality valve assemblies and electronic controls.


Will Air Cannons Work for Me?

When bulk material builds up inside kilns, silos, bins, hoppers, chutes and other equipment and stops flowing due to obstructions and ratholes, the best way to keep it moving is with an air cannon. Air cannons are highly effective with materials like coal, cement and aggregate, especially if they retain even small amounts of moisture and become sticky.

Why Use Air Cannon Flow Aids?

By using air cannons to aid in your material flow to eliminate obstructions and buildups that restrict flow, your operation can process more material faster, resulting in multiple positive outcomes, such as:

  • More profits – Keeping material flowing at top efficiency and maximum throughput means more revenues and more profits.
  • Improved efficiency – Eliminating obstructions and buildup substantially improves throughput without adding significant labor or energy costs.
  • Safer work conditions – Workers no longer have to climb inside containers or under unloading ports to break up blockages manually.
  • Less wear and tear on equipment – Cleaning and unblocking bulk materials manually requires tools that damage equipment over time, while air cannons use harmless bursts of air.
  • Reduced downtime – Because the air cannon fires at timed intervals, material doesn’t have a chance to build up in the first place, so there’s no need to shut down to remove obstructions.
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A Solution to Fit YOUR Needs

We offer a line of air cannons that ensures you’ll find one that fits your needs, whether your application requires powerful bursts of air every few seconds to products that deliver shorter more frequent bursts. We also offer multi-valve products that discharge at up to five delivery points through pipes or hoses to accommodate tight spaces.

Our team is available to provide expert advice and assistance on these products and all of your bulk material handling questions and problems. Please contact us today and let us help!

Martin® Hurricane Air Cannon

Martin® Hurricane Air Cannon improve the flow of bulk materials and prevent outages due to discharge blockages, buildups and ratholes. The Hurricane features a new valve concept that provides more force, uses less air and simplifies installation and maintenance.



  • Maximum discharge strength from high velocity output with half the air volume, for highly effective discharge and reduced operating costs
  • Designed for simple maintenance. The complete valve assembly can be removed in one easy step, working from one side of the tank. It can be replaced within minutes to keep your process running. There is no need to ever remove the tank from the vessel for service
  • Fits in smaller places. More power from less air allows use of smaller air reservoir
  • Fires in response to a positive surge of air sent by a solenoid valve, eliminating the risk of an accidental discharge
  • Positive-acting valve allows control solenoid to be positioned as far as 200 feet (60 m) from the tank, keeping solenoids away from harsh conditions and difficult-to-service areas
  • Fan Jet Nozzle and High Temperature Nozzle are both available
Martin Hurricane Air Cannon
Martin Typhoon Air Cannon

Martin® Typhoon Air Cannon

A Martin® Typhoon Air Cannon features a hybrid valve concept that provides more force, uses less air and simplifies maintenance in challenging applications with limited budgets.


  • Provides more force output with less air consumption than a traditional XHV Air Cannon
  • Requires only one air line to fill the tank and trigger the valve
  • Air cannon assembly features a rigid steel mount and tolerates some vibration
  • The complete valve assembly can be removed in one easy step and replaced within minutes, working from one side of the tank. There is no need to ever remove the tank from the vessel for service.
  • Negative pressure firing provides effective performance in challenging applications with limited budgets
  • Upgrade existing older technology air cannons using normally open solenoids without the need for replumbing the system
  • Fan Jet Nozzle and High Temperature Nozzles are both available

Martin® Multi Valve Air Cannon

Using a single air tank with up to five independent valves, the Martin®   Multi Valve Air Cannon improves flow at five discharge points.



  • Five independent valves housed within a single 60-gallon tank allow for five application points sourced from a single reservoir
  • Has the ability to fire more than one valve at once
  • No need to hang air tanks high on vessel walls. Air is carried from the central reservoir through flex hoses or steel pipe to the discharge point
  • Centralized location removes working components from exposure to high temperatures and process dust
  • Even if one valve requires service, the multiple-valve system continues to function in nearly all cases
  • For use wherever traditional single-valve/tank assemblies are installed
  • Provides flexibility ideal for hard-to-reach applications and where space is limited 
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