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Industrial Vibrators

For many years, the necessity to store material in bulk has created a problem – how to get it out of the storage vessel. Typical problems include bridging, ratholing, clinging and arching. Once a pluggage exists, it becomes necessary to remove it in order to continue with production. One of the first things an operator will do is try to dislodge it in some manner. Historically, techniques such as water and air lances, silo cleanout equipment, shot gun blasts and even dynamite have been used to eliminate material blockage. The most common means of material removal over the years is the use of a sledgehammer.

Will an Industrial Vibration Solution Work for Me?

The application of vibratory drives to processing equipment has found acceptance throughout industries world wide, primarily in increasing production throughput and reducing operational costs. The most typical applications include conveying or feeding, screening, draining, dewatering, product sizing, compaction, testing of components, as well as bin, hopper and chute evacuation.

Industrial Viibrators
industrial vibrators
industrial vibrators

A Solution to Fit YOUR Needs

We offer a line of industrial vibration solutions, you’ll find one that fits your needs.

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Truck Vibrators

There’s nothing more frustrating than tilting the truck bed and standing there because the material has compacted and your cargo won’t budge. Martin Engineering’s truck vibrators get bulk materials moving quickly and thoroughly by energizing the load and breaking the friction between particles. That means you can unload truck loads faster and get drivers back on the road more quickly.

Truck Vibrator
electric vibrator

Electric Vibrators

We offer a variety of durable, energy-efficient rotary electric vibrators that are ideal for numerous applications, such as installing on a screen for sifting and sorting, conveying, emptying hoppers thoroughly of wet or sticky material, and keeping material flowing through chutes at transfer points. These vibrators are powered with widely accessible and economic electricity and require minimal maintenance, so they are less expensive to operate than other options.

    Hydraulic Vibrators

    Field operations that require a vibration-based solution often find themselves without access to reliable electricity or pneumatic power. This applies primarily to construction and mining sites.

    We provide hydraulic-powered industrial vibrators that serve as a highly effective mobile solution ideally suited for the field. In addition to construction applications, hydraulic vibrators can also be used for unloading railcars or dump trucks at remote sites. Plus, hydraulic vibrators deliver more power, relative to their size, and require less maintenance than other options.

    hydraulic vibrators
    piston vibrators

    Piston Vibrators

    The age-old practice of beating on the side of a container with a hammer to get material moving is no longer necessary with industrial vibration. In fact, Martin Engineering manufactures a line of piston vibrators that closely mimic the action of a hammer blow for truck beds, railcars, hoppers and bins. Ideal for stubborn flow problems while eliminating “hammer rash!”

    However, the repeated use of  a sledgehammer causes structural damage to the bin wall. Over time, the bin wall will need to be replaced. Another drawback to using a sledgehammer is the potential for employee injury. Sledgehammers are typically heavy and swinging them repeatedly can create the opportunity for back injury. Lastly, each blow to the bin wall with a sledgehammer creates a dent, which then becomes a shelf, trapping more material and making the flow problems more frequent and harder to remove.

    Piston vibrators are also an economical solution that requires minimal maintenance or lubrication when powered by filtered compressed air.

    Roller Vibrators

    Martin Engineering’s long-lasting roller vibrators contain a steel, ring-shaped roller that spins around a steel shaft, powered by compressed air. The rapid rotational movement of the roller produces multiple vibrations with each rotation. Roller vibrators are an economical vibration solution for applications that require high force-to-weight ratios.

    Available in a variety of sizes and strengths, roller vibrators deliver a high level of vibratory force and are ideal for unloading railcars and compacting both concrete and refractory. Roller vibrators are the only pneumatic option that delivers both high frequency and high amplitude. The rugged epoxy-coated cast design makes them perfect for continuous operation, even in dusty, wet and harsh environments.

    Roller Vibrator
    Turbine Vibrators

    Turnine Vibrators

    Pneumatic turbine vibrators contain an unbalanced turbine wheel that spins inside the casing. The rapid, unbalanced rotational movement of the turbine applies centrifugal force to the casing, producing the vibratory force. These vibrators use very little compressed air relative to the force they deliver, so the long-term cost of ownership is low.

    Turbine vibrators produce noise levels well below OSHA requirements, so they are an effective solution for noise-sensitive areas. They are ideal for applications such as portioning ingredients in food processing plants and feeding small parts made of plastic or metal onto a feeding tray, as well as conveying materials or loose items in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Plus, with an optional speed muffler, the amplitude and frequency of the vibration can be precisely adjusted.

    Ball Vibrators

    Since Martin Engineering’s invention of the ball vibrator more than 75 years ago, they continue to be a work-horse in facilities around the world in nearly every industry. Powered by compressed air, these long-lasting ball vibrators contain a chrome ball bearing that spins along a circular track inside the housing. The rapid rotational movement of the ball bearing applies centrifugal force to the casing, causing it to vibrate. Ball vibrators are an economical vibration solution that contains only one moving part, which means they require zero ongoing maintenance.

    Available in a wide range of sizes and mounting options, ball vibrators deliver a high ratio of force relative to their weight, so they are powerful enough for large jobs such as eliminating material blockages from rigid bins, chutes and hoppers. They are also ideal for small jobs such as moving small parts in assembly processes. Originally developed as a tool for the foundry industry, the ball vibrator continues to be the go-to solution for compacting sand in mold machines.

    Ball Vibrators
    portable pneumatic vibrator

    Portable Pneumatic Vibrators

    Our portable pneumatic vibrators are available in models that deliver varying levels of vibratory force, which allows you to choose the one that is ideally suited for your application. For example, they are an excellent solution for vibrating pre-cast concrete and castable refractory. They are also flexible enough to empty railcars carrying stubborn materials.

    Depending on specific needs, customers can choose from portable motor-driven, roller or turbine vibrators, each of which generates vibration from a rapid unbalanced rotation of the moving part inside the vibrator’s casing.

    Screen Vibrators

    Martin Engineering amanufactures both electric and hydraulic vibrators designed to install on a metal screen for separating a wide range of bulk materials, including gravel, plastic pellets, small parts, pharmaceuticals, silica/sand and food products. By using a series of screens with progressively smaller mesh openings, you can quickly sort loose items by size.

    Screen vibration can also be used to sift mining products like coal, gold and other elements, as well as any type of bulk material that can form clumps or compactions. Martin Engineering screen vibrators are ATEX-certified for use in environments with a high risk of explosion, and are engineered to be highly durable.

    Screen Vibrators
    Railcar Vibrators

    Railcar Vibrators

    The vibration of a railcar over the track will compact the car’s bulk material cargo, prohibiting the cargo from flowing out freely once the discharge gate is opened. Railcar Vibrators from Martin Engineering provide powerful vibratory energy that enhances material flow to acheive full unloading. Railcar Vibrators will help you receive the cargo you paid to have shipped to your facility.

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