See sample survey report above.

SCP offers a variety of survey types:

  • Dust Control
  • Flow Control
  • Belt Cleaners
  • Air Cannon

Our survey team will evaluate the existing system. Using advanced digital scanning technologies which maps millions of data points that we are able to accurately review measurements and model solutions.

When reviewing the 3d scans we are able to pinpoint exiting and potential issues as well as outline solutions and recommendations.

At the conclusion of the survey the customer is provided with a comprehensive report outlining all findings, 3D scans depicting existing issues, proposed solutions and recommendations and estimated cost of solutions/recommendations. 

Engineered Projects

Initial Site Evaluation

Our team visits the plant for an extensive initial evaluation. The objective of this initial evaluation is to understand the root source of existing issues. 

Planning Phase

Once the site has been evaluated the the cause of issues identified we can create a process plan for dust-free material handling and dust source cancellation process, including a 15 year remediation plan.

Customer Education

During the analysis and planning process we strive to educate our customer on root cause mitigation practices and processes for dust-free material handling.

Customer Empowerment

Once the preceding three phases of our process have been completed we have achieved the end goal of empowering our customer to clean up their plant and clean up their dust.

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