Transfer Point Solutions

Transfer points are critically important to the efficiency and productivity of any conveyor system, they are highly complex. ​

SCP’s core competence is designing / selecting, aligning, & installing the proper components to allow transfer without spillage. ​

Our experience stretches back decades working with many of the largest manufacturers in the world.​

Our transfer point products are designed to be effective over a long work life, even under the most demanding conditions. ​

  • Eliminate Spillage​
  • Eliminate Cleanup​
  • Eliminate Injuries (always associated with cleaning up spillage)​
  • Eliminate Unexpected Process Shut Down​
  • Eliminate Excessive material wear on conveyor components​

    transfer point solutions
    Belt Support
    Belt Support

    Belt Support

    By supporting the belt, especially under transfer points, you can reduce damage and equipment will last longer.

    Our belt support products absorb the force of falling material at transfer points, minimizing damage and excessive wear to the belt and structure. This also cuts down on fugitive material and runaway dust, which can cause substantial health and safety hazards. Our belt support products also eliminate pinch points where trapped material can gouge the belt and over time, compromise its structural integrity.

    Belt Sealing

    With less fugitive material escaping your process, you’ll experience higher throughput, better efficiency and more revenue.

    Our belt sealing solutions include skirting products that ride on the belt and self adjust to maintain an effective seal without regular maintenance. We also offer wear liners that shield the sealing system from the material load, prolonging the life of the seal.

    Belt Sealer

    Belt Alignment

    By keeping belts tracked correctly, you can keep material in the flow stream and eliminate runaway dust.

    Martin Engineering’s belt alignment products provide immediate, continuous precision adjustment that keeps conveyor belts perfectly tracked, even withstanding the stress caused by wider, thicker belts carrying heavier loads at high speeds.

    Our belt tracking products prevent edge damage, extend belt life, reduce spillage and minimize wear and tear on equipment. Plus, out trackers can sense the direction of the belt movement and make the adjustments needed to keep reversing conveyors correctly centered.

    belt alignment
    Laser Survey

    Tail Protection

    Our tail protection products are designed to prevent material that has landed on the inside of the belt during the return from being pulled into the tail pulley. If it isn’t removed, the material can cause extensive damage to the entire conveyor system, especially the tail pulley and the belt.

    Designed to plow discharge material to the side of the belt for easy control and cleanup, these products are available for standard and reversing belts, with self-adjusting models that rise and fall with fluctuations in belt tension. We also offer products designed for varying speeds and belt widths.

    idler aligner
    VPlow HD

    Transfer Point Safety Accessories

    Protect your workers from the potential hazards of working with conveyor systems.

    We offer products that are the best in the business at keeping conveyor belts safe for workers, including products that protect workers from pinch and nip points, as well as burns and abrasions from contact with the belt.

    Additionally, we offer products that protect workers from injury caused by material spilling from conveyors moving overhead, as well as access doors that make maintenance and cleaning of areas inside the equipment safe.

    conveyor guard
    return roller basket
    Conveyor safety

    Roll Gen™ System

    Self-contained, mini 24-Volt DC power station that generates enough power to run a wide variety of electronic systems and safety mechanisms.

    Using kinetic energy from a moving conveyor belt, the Martin® Roll Gen™ eliminates power production obstacles in remote locations.

    Roll Gen System

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