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We are a group of highly enthusiastic consultants and technicians who thrive on the purpose of helping our industry have a safe, clean, and therefore productive operation.

We have defined the market model of cleaning up the conveyor operation by belt cleaners, transfer point sealing systems and proper predictive and reactive maintenance.

Our History

Dick Stahura Sr. shoveled belt in a strip mine for his dad, Andrew Stahura Sr., during high school. He saw the pain the back injury problems and the dangers associated with conveyors.

When he graduated from College with an engineering degree, he led Martin Engineering into the belt cleaner business and developed the first production belt cleaners in the US.

 Later, The Stahura Company Inc. was created and were the first to put cleaners in power plants and in coal mines. They realized right away that this could not be sone without proper installation and maintenance servicing.  Hence the service sales model was created.

Dick Stahura Created the TC character Think Clean to have a market face on a difficult problem. He understood that plants do not recognize how spillage and belt damage stop the production process eating profits from a business. So, he created the purpose for Martin Engineering to help their customers have Cleaner Safer and more Productive Material Flow. To get this they need to “Think Clean”  TC.

As a result of these cleaning services, tens of thousands of industrial workers have their arms and legs and have been saved from chronic back pain as well as kept them alive.

This is our heritage and we are proud of it.

Celebrating 75 Years of the T.C Character, inspired by Dick Stahura.

Andrew Jackson Stahura began began his merchandising career

Andrew Jackson Stahura began his merchandising career with the Central Trading Stores, a. unit of the Peal, Peacock and Kerr Coal Co.  Then owned and operated a store in Clymer, PA for five years.

A Respect for Mining is Developed

As a 17-year-old high schooler in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Dick Stahura Sr. had worked for a short time in a coal mine where he developed a real fondness for miners and their culture and a deep respect for the dangers of their work. These early experiences left an indelible mark on him and motivated him to try to make bulk-materials handling cleaner and safer.

Carino Coal Company

Andrew Jackson Stahura became a partner in Carino Coal Company, a productive coal mining operation.

Stahura Company is Opened

Dick Stahura Sr. and his brother Jim build a relationship with Martin and open Stahura Company in Pittsburgh, PA

Development of Service Division

Dick Stahura Sr. assisted the development of Martin Engineering’s service division, providing equipment installation and performing maintenance & service calls

The First Commercially Offered Belt Cleaner

Dick Stahura Sr. helps to develop the PM Cleaner first commercially offered belt cleaner.


Dick Stahura Sr. helped develop Martin’s “THINK CLEAN” philosophy to improve safety and efficiency in bulk material handling.

Dick Jr. Joins Martin

While still in college, Dick Stahura Jr. joined Martin working summers as a sales representative in Europe and North America.

Dick Jr. Joins the Family Business

Dick Stahura Jr. joined the family business, The Stahura Company, with his father, Dick Sr. and Uncle Jim in Pittsburgh, PA

The Doctor Blade

Dick Stahura Sr. and his brother Jim help develop the Doctor Blade; first primary belt cleaner.

Trac-Mount Belt Cleaner Products

Dick Stahura introduces Trac-Mount Belt Cleaner Products- it was the first easy-to-service engineered conveyor belt cleaner, designed to control carryback and improve conveyor efficiency and plant safety.

SCP, Inc.

Dick Jr. & Holly Stahura started  Stahura Conveyor Products, Inc.

Trac-Mount Skirtboard Sealing System

Dick Stahura Sr. introduces the Trac-Mount Skirtboard Sealing System, the first engineered hammer maintenance sealing system for conveyor transfer points.

Easy-to-Service Belt Cleaning

Dick Stahura persuaded Edwin to manufacture belt cleaners as a natural complement to Martin’s product line. This is the first easy-to-service engineered belt cleaning system.

Belt Cleaner Maintenance Model

Dick Stahura Sr. and his brother Jim develop the service model for belt cleaner maintenance.

Durt…The Movie

Dick Stahura Sr. worked with Martin to create “Durt..The Movie” as an extension of Think Clean philosophy

Drip n Ram

Jim Stahura developed the vibratory scavenger and Drip n Ram dribble pans.


Martin FOUNDATIONS, the first book published on improving conveyor performance through control of fugitive material

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Safe, Clean, Productive Material Handling + Storage

Empowering Our Customers to Clean up their Plan + Clean up Their Dust

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